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- Access by car (approx. 1 hour from central Kyoto)

- Meishin Expressway (from Kyoto South I.C.)
South I.C. (northbound on the R1)→Touji Temple→(head east along Kujo Dori)→
(head north along Horikawa Dori)→Kamigamojinja Shrine→Kurama→
[approx. 17 km]→Miyamasou

- Meishin Expressway (from Kyoto East I.C.)
East I.C. (westbound on the R1 Gojo Dori)→Turn right at Gojo Horikawa→
(follow the directions from South I.C.)

- From Biwako Ohashi Bridge
Biwako Ohashi→(R477)→go midway→Ohara (R367 – Fudou 40)
→Shizuhara→Kurama→[approx. 17km]→Miyamasou

- Access by JR/private railway

- On the JR, change to the subway at Kyoto Station and get off at Kitaooji Station.

- On the Keihan Railway, get off at Demachiyanagi Station (last stop).

- On the Hankyu Railway, change to the subway (Shijo Station) at Karasuma Station, and get off at Kitaooji Station.

From the stations, get on the Kyoto Bus 32 Line bound for Hirogawara
(please check the bus times). Get off at Daihizan Station. The bus makes 4 round-trips a day.

Bus Timetable (main stops)
Guests for Lunch   Guests Staying Overnight
Demachiyanagi Station 10:00   Demachiyanagi Station 14:45
Kitaooji Station 10:13   Kitaooji Station 14:58
Kamigamojinja 10:24   Kamigamojinja 15:09
Sangyo Diagaku 10:29   Sangyo Diagaku 15:14
Kibuneguchi 10:40   Kibuneguchi 15:25
Kurama 10:44   Kurama 15:29
Daihizanguchi 11:36   Daihizanguch 16:21
Please let us know if you are coming via bus when making your reservation.
We will pick you up at Daihizanguchi. The bus ride is 1 hour 40 minutes each way.

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