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About Miyamasou

A mountain trail suddenly appears a little passed Kumadera Temple. Xanadu awaits at the end of the thick grove of Japanese Cedars and the Hanase mountain path… .
Following the signs to Daihizan Bujouji Temple and then running along a stream off Kamikatsura River, Miyamasou stands in an open, quiet area approximately 20 km from Kurama.
Designed by the master of the Sukiya building style, Sotoji Nakamura, the entire space brilliantly sublimates the fusion of nature and culture, capturing the hearts of our guests.

Initially built on the request of Emperor Toba at the end of the Heian era, the Bujouji Temple became well known as being associated to the Taira family. Many townspeople went on foot to pray.
The original occupant known as “Shoukichiro”, who had entered into priesthood at Bujouji Temple, eventually built a lodging in front of the temple. This later became Miyamasou.
Since the beginning, Miyamasou has focused on offering Tsumigusa (“freshly picked”) cuisine that has gradually evolved over the years, integrating ingredients that can be found naturally in the area such as wild herbs, fish from the streams, as well as fresh fish from the sea (seeing as Kyoto has a traditional fish transportation route called “Mackerel Road”).

To our guests from both Japan and abroad who seek good cuisine and traditional Japanese lodging, we will offer the best ingredients and a comfortable environment that we hope will turn into good energy . In this haven away from the city, we will do our utmost to provide guests with gracious service that can only be experienced at Miyamasou.